Active Investigations

Active Aviation Investigations provide information on all ongoing Accident Investigations, dating back to June 2010. See below for a few summaries of investigations that directly touch on light plane flying.

Collision With Terrain of a Lake LA-250

The initial details on the crash of a Lake LA-250. This privately-registered Lake LA-250 aircraft was on approach at the Pickle Lake, Ontario airport, but the aircraft did not arrive and an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal was received. The wreckage was located 1.8 nautical miles east of the airport. There were 4 occupants on board; 3 suffered fatal injuries, 1 sustained serious injuries, and the aircraft was destroyed even though there was no post-crash fire. , including images from the crash site along with a map giving its location.

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Fatal Crash of a Cessna in Moorefield, Ontario

The tragic crash of a Cessna 172 during a return VFR flight from Waterloo to Niagara Falls, Ontario. When the aircraft failed to return, a seach was initiated and there were several reports of an ELT signal being heard. The aircraft was found in a corn field near Sideroad 3 in Moorefield, Ontario. The four young occupants of the aircraft were all fatally injured.


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Mid-Air Collision between a Piper PA-28 and Beechcraft BE-35

A Piper PA-28 and a Beechcraft BE-35 collided in flight just over 6 miles from Warrenton-Fauquier Airport in Sumerduck, VA. After the collision, the Piper PA-28 crash landed in a field but the BE-35 crashed vertically in a lightly wooded area. The sole occupant of the Piper PA-28 survived. Unfortunately, the two occupants of the BE-35 were fatally injured.
Even though both aircraft carried U.S. registration, the Piper was registered to an FAA employee and the Beech to an NTSB employee, so - by International Agreement - the investigation was handed over to Canada's TSB.


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