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Correct Use of Mandatory Frequency

From Issue 6/80

Say That You're There

The Twin Otter pilot was hopping mad. On final he finds a sander on the runway and has to circle until it's clear. On the ground, he gives hell to the flight service specialist for not clearing the runway. Who's at fault? The pilot is.

Given a letdown clearance to the uncontrolled aerodrome, the pilot was instructed to call immediately on the local mandatory frequency. He didn t call until final. There wasn't time to clear vehicles from the runway.

Many pilots have become complacent in a radar-controlled environment. They have accepted others, doing their thinking for them. They expect the same environment at non-radar-controlled airports, which just isn't available. Flying into uncontrolled aerodromes is a different world. People on the ground can't know you're there unless you tell them. Other aircraft in the area will know your intentions only if you broadcast what they are.

Mandatory frequencies for each aerodrome are published in the VFR and IFR Supplements. Use them to communicate your intentions and get the system to work for you.

Originally Published: ASL 1/1998
Original Article: From Issue 6/80 - Say That You're There