Exclusive videos section containing important information regarding:

- Emergency Operations
- Winter Flying
- Float Planes
- Upset Training
- Mountain Flying
- Aircraft Egress
- Uncontrolled Aerodromes
- VFR Into IMC



Before you fly you always preflight your aircraft, don’t you, but how often do you preflight yourself?

All too often we hear ourselves, and others, say “I'll be all right.”

Well sometimes you won’t be.

It is important to make sure you are fit to fly, both mentally and physically. When you get into your aircraft there’s a lot riding on your ability to perform well, when things are going well – and when they aren’t



More and more people are using unmanned aircraft for work or pleasure. Transport Canada regulates their use to keep the public and our airspace safe.

Aircraft without a pilot on board go by many names—unmanned air vehicle (UAV), remotely piloted aircraft system, model aircraft, remote control aircraft, and drone.

Call it what you want, but always think safety first.