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Have questions about ATS? In partnership with NAV CANADA, SmartPilot.ca is getting you answers!

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Do you have the proper weather to fly? View local and national forecasts.

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The Transportation Safety Board is an independent agency that advances transportation safety by investigating occurrences.


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Check out SmartPilot.ca's online courses and other interactive learning materials.

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Check out the latest NOTAMs from NAV Canada.

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Browse through ASI's free safety education and research designed to make you a better pilot from home!

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Learn about the next generation in SAR.

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Find categorized articles on various aircraft and related safety.

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Check-out all SmartPilot.ca's videos!

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SmartPilot.ca is an aviation website that has been developed by CASARA to enhance flight safety in Canada, with support from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat. SmartPilot.ca will provide a rich resource of interesting and informative articles, videos and interactive programming to help better inform pilots about how to be safer in the air.