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Biography: Marie-Christine Gran

Marie-Christine Gran is Manager of the Employee Wellness and Assistance Programat Pratt & Whitney Canada, where she has been working since 1998.  Recognized for her clinical expertise in the workplace, working with different types of organizations and employee assistance programs, she also has extensive experience in developing health promotion programs and corporate policies.

As a clinician, and a professional coach, trainer and speaker, she has received several awards of excellence for her work in the field of health and wellness, including the Pratt & Whitney Canada ‘‘President’s Award’’ (in 2015) for her outstanding contribution to the development of a corporate wellness culture, and the ‘‘Building our Future’’ award (in 2015 and 2012) for her contribution to mental health in the workplace.

Panel 1

Understanding Mental, Physical and Substance Abuse Disorders


Panel 2

Tools, Programs and Best Practices.

Panel 3

Prevention, Implementation and Measuring Success.

Panel 4

Rights, regulations and roles.