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AARON MCCRORIEAaron McCrorie was appointed as one of two directors-general of Civil Aviation at Transport Canada in April 2015 after leading a number of regulatory programs in the area of surface security, security for major special events, aviation security, and most recently, aviation safety. Aaron has been at Transport Canada since 1999. 


Today, the scope of Aaron’s mandate is the aviation safety framework, which includes establishing safety policies, regulations, and standards for aviation and aerospace in Canada. Aaron is equally responsible for the development of the guidance, tools and instructions to help industry comply with regulations and for inspectors to oversee regulatory compliance.


As Director General, Aaron values soliciting the views of stakeholders, and promoting collaboration with the industry to determine innovative regulatory solutions. Over the years, Aaron has also cultivated strong relationships with authorities around the world including the United States Federal Aviation Administration, and Transportation Security Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency, as well as the Civil Aviation Administration of China. He very much encourages an open, honest and respectful discussion within his own team, which helps to break down communication barriers that inevitably exist in large organizations such as Transport Canada.


Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University, a Master of Arts degree from the University of Regina and started work on a PhD at York University. All degrees are in Political Science. Aaron lives in Ottawa, Ontario, and is married to Carmen Abela and the proud father of three children.

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