Is your Aviation Document Booklet expiring?


This fall, pilots, flight engineers and air traffic controllers will begin renewing their Aviation Document Booklets (ADB). Transport Canada first introduced the ADB in 2008 with a five year expiry date; thus, the majority of ADB holders will need to renew their booklets this year.


How do applicants renew their ADB?


To renew an expiring ADB, applicants are required to submit a completed Application for an Aviation Document Booklet form (TP 26-0726) and a passport style photograph to the TCCA regional office that holds their pilot licensing file. Transport Canada requires four to six weeks to process a completed application.  Applicants should submit their applications prior to 90 days of the expiry date. There is no fee for renewal of your ADB.


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Transport Canada provides an ADB to flight crew members and air traffic controllers in order that they may exercise privileges of aviation-related permits, licences and ratings, and possess evidence of medical validity.*


The ADB replaced paper licensing documents. As a result, the ADB enhances the security of licensing documents as well as provides pilots with a more lasting product.


The ADB must be renewed within five years to ensure the photograph is current. Some ADB holders may require earlier renewal for other reasons (for example, if a pilot holds a Level 4 Language Proficiency).


*A Student Pilot Permit (SPP) is a standalone document. Students should not apply for an ADB if they only hold a Student Pilot Permit (SPP).