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Float Planes

One of the most rewarding aspects of floatplane flying is the unlimited opportunities for exploring our country’s vast number of lakes, rivers and coastal areas.

Pre-Flight and Passenger Briefing

Although pre-flighting a floatplane is similar to a land plane, there are important elements that require special attention.

In this video you will learn the preflight checklist and passenger briefing steps that are critical to safe floatplane operation.


One of the most rewarding aspects of floatplane flying is the unlimited opportunities for exploring our country’s vast number of lakes, rivers and coastal areas. However, most of the time when you fly away from developed areas, there will not be a dock available, so you will have to know how to safely beach your aircraft.

In this video you will learn the basic techniques on how to prepare for and beach your floatplane, in on shore and offshore wind conditions.

Lessons Learned

St. Clair McColl a veteran floatplane pilot and founder of SaltSpring Air operating out of SaltSpring Island BC recalls some incidents early in his aviation career and the important lessons he learned.

Moving Water Introduction

For many pilots, float check outs are carried out on calm water where students can concentrate on learning the basic float flying skills.

But with the check out in hand, the pilot is now free to explore all the waterways that are open to float operations. And just like any kind of flying, new places often have new challenges that might not have been encountered before. Such is the case when operating in areas that have tides or strong currents.

Moving Water and Docking

If you have correctly set up your approach you should be able to step, not jump from the float, and will have a docking line in your hand ready to secure your aircraft to the dock. Keep in mind. It is very difficult to hold an airplane against an offshore breeze or strong current.

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