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Information on all ongoing investigations, dating back to June 2010.

Active Investigations

Final Results On The TSB's completed investigations back to 1994

Investigation Reports

Full Reports On Studies & Investigations Related To Significant Risks In Aviation.

Safety Issues

A Complete Review Of Aviation Accidents Sorted By Activity & Aircraft Type

Aviation Statistics

What Constitutes A Reportable Occurrence & Reporting Forms.

Report an Occurrence

Report an Occurrence

This section takes you through the steps you need to make in the event of a "Reportable Accident" or a "Reportable Incident."

The primary differences between the two are that an "Aircraft Accident" involves Personal Injury, Major Damage to the Aircraft, or cases where the aircraft is missing or inaccessible.

Anyone learning of an aviation occurrence, in addition to alerting the local emergency and police services, shall report the occurrence by phone to the TSB at 1-800-387-3557



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